Pneumatic Tools FAQ

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Impact Wrench

 What’s the difference between the two types of bit dimensions for impact drivers?
 I would like to tighten the opposite side of a 24 mm bolt with an impact wrench. Which model would be suitable for this?
 Both oil pulse wrench and impact wrench could be used for tightening the bolt. What is the difference between these two products?
 I would like to know the torque value of the impact wrench?
 I would like to remove the tires on heavy trucks. Which model would be suitable for this?
 What is the shank dimension?
 (2R) (4R) (6P) are written on the impact wrench model. What do they mean?
 What is the capacity of the bolt diameter mentioned in the specification?
 What is the difference between NAW-16000HA (angle impact wrench) and NW-1600HA-AT8 (angle attachment-type impact wrench)?


 What will happen if I supply more than 0.6 MPa of air pressure to the grinder?
 Both the NGS-100 and NAG-400 grinders share the same 100mm specification. What is the difference between these two models?
 Can I change the collet size of the grinder?
 Does the grinder include a grindstone?
 What is the difference between the RG-38C and RG-382 die grinders?
 What is the difference between the peripheral speed and the rotation speed?

Hammer & Breaker

 What is the difference between a chipper with a rounded (R) shank and a hexagonal (H) shank?
 Are there various chisel lengths available for chipper and flux hammer?

Air Hoist

 I would like to buy an air hoist with a trolley included...
 I’m thinking about buying an air hoist, could you tell me more about the lifting height?

Other Product

 Can the air tools be used underwater?
 What is the maximum steel thickness DAC-11 can cut?
 What type of saw blades are available for air saw?
 Can the JAC-2 Cleaner also be used with water?
 I’ve ordered a grinder’s collet nut and I’ve received a collet chuck CP. Why is that?


 What is the purpose of the air plug and the hose nipple included with air tools?
 Is there a specific lubricant to be used on air tools?
 I ordered an auxiliary handle for an impact wrench or grinder, however, I received the standard handle included with the product. Why?


 Do parts list prices refer to a single item?
 I would like to place an order from overseas. How do I go about doing this?
 Hose fittings are often labeled as 1/4 and impact wrenches often have a 3/8 drive. What are the metric measurements?
 Can I purchase products directly from NPK?
 How do I go about ordering a specific part?

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