Our Timeline

=Founding Period

Company Evolution  Year Production Innovation
Kotone Seisakusho established 1916   Manufacturer of chemical machinery and liquid chemical storage and transport tanks
Nippon Pneumatic Kogyosho (NPK) established 1923   Manufacturer of air tools
NPK reorganized as a joint stock corporation 1938    

NPK amalgamated with Kotone Seisakusho

Initial production of chemical processing equipment

Labor Union established 1949    
  1956 Pneumatic  Initial production of High-speed Grinders

=Challenge Period

Company Evolution  Year Production Innovation
Construction Equipment Division established 1957  Construction Development and release of the world's first large pneumatic hammer, the IPH
  1958  Pneumatic Initial production of angle grinders
Head office building constructed 1963    


Higashi-Osaka Plant constructed and Chemical Engineering Division moved to the new plant
  1968 Chemical  Development and release of ultrasonic jet mill
Fukuoka Sales Office Opened  1969    
Higashi-Osaka Plant renovated and Construction Equipment Division moved to the plant 1970    
  1972 Construction Development and release of HPH-series large Hydraulic Hammer
Hiroshima Sales Office opened 1975


Development and release of Hydraulic pile driver/extractor


First toner production plant completed

=Growth Period

Company Evolution  Year Production Innovation
  1976  Construction Development and release of H-series large Hydraulic Hammer
Nippon Pneumatic Kenki Co., Ltd. established  1977 Construction NPK large hammer awarded the Special Invention Prize of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation
    Chemical Release of high-precision powder dispersion separator
NPK Europa B.V. established in Rotterdam, Netherlands, to expand sales channels in the European region 1978    
  1979 Chemical  High-precision powder dispersion separator recognized with Outstanding Product Awards from the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan and the Japan Management Association
  1980 Pneumatic Release of Oil Pulse wrench
  1981  Chemical Completion of first toner plant outside Japan
  1984 Construction  Development and release of crusher equipped with hydraulic booster 
Nabari Plant constructed in Nabari, Mie Prefecture, and Chemical Engineering Division moved to the plant  1985 Chemical Dispersion Separator was awarded the Special Invention Prize of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation
NPK Construction Equipment, Inc. established in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. to expand sales channels in North and South America      
  1986 Construction Development and release of shear with attached booster mechanism
  1987 Pneumatic Impact Wrench (with improved striker design) awarded the Prize of the Director by the Director General of the Science and Technology Agency
    Chemical Release of surface-fusing system
50th Anniversary of NPK 1988


Development and release of secondary crusher with attached booster mechanism


Release of E-series large Hydraulic Hammer with new type of mechanism


Development of new toner production process

=Expansion Period

Company Evolution  Year Production Innovation
First renovation of Nabari Plant  1992    
Shanghai Pneumatic Machinery., Ltd. established in Shanghai, China 1995    
NPK Website launched  1996 Chemical Release of Excel high-efficiency plastic filter
  1997 Chemical  Release of Microspin submicron classifier

Passing of Founder and

Chairman Eimatsu Kotone 

NPK Europe Manufacturing s.r.o. established in the Czech Republic as a production base for NPK Europe      
  2002 Chemical Microspin Jet Mill awarded the Technology Prize by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Tokai Branch
Kanto Sales Office opened  2003  Chemical Release of surface fusing system, "MeteoRainbow"
Hiroshima sales office consolidated into Fukuoka Sales office      
  2004 Construction  Release of GH-series hydraulic hammers
    Construction Release of K-23J steel shear
NPK Middle East FZCO established in the United Arab Emirates to expand sales channel in the region 2005 Pneumatic Release of angle grinder with one-touch control, a first for the industry
    Construction Release of environment-friendly, low-noise hammer
    Construction Release of electromagnet-equipped secondary crusher
    Construction Release of clam-shaped shear
    Chemical Release of helium-recycling jet mill
    Chemical Release of UFS/UFC-type airflow separator for toner
  2006 Construction  Release of XC-series beak-edged hydraulic crushers 
Second renovation of Nabari Plant  2007    
   2008 Pneumatic  Launch of High-spec, heavy-duty angle grinder
     Construction  Release of SV-series crusher with double cylinder
  2010 Construction   Release of X-series, small single-cylinder crusher 
    Chemical  Release of MJM Jet Mill for pharmaceutical and food processing
  2011   Chemical Release of I-Jet Jet Mill used in mechanical rotor air separator, MEMSA Spray Jet Mill, and Vortex Air Jet Mixer Swirler
Relocation of Kanto Sales office 2012 Construction  Release of PH-series, small unibody hydraulic hammer
    Construction  Development and introduction of SRC25, NPK's first 2-in-1 crusher, suitable for crushing and cutting Steel-Reinforced Concrete
    Chemical Release of NBL-Labo Spray Dryer and MGK Air Hammer
  2013 Construction  Relaunch of new and improved G-series, secondary crusher (pulverizer)
  2014 Pneumatic Introduction and release of the industry's smallest and lightest needle scaler
    Construction  Expansion of SRC-series crusher line-up with SRC38, and SRC48
    Chemical Release of CNI-1 Nano Range Separator and JKE-30A Jet Mill specialized in handling small amount of raw materials
Expansion of Nabari Plant 2015 Chemical Release of SPK-2 Impact Jet Mill 
Relocation of Kanto Sales office 2016 Construction  Launch of PD-series: PD-450(R) and PH-500(R), crusher specialized in demolishing plants and factories
    Chemical Release of SPK-12 Jet Mill and SPKC-5 Jet Mill specialized in handling low melting point materials
Customer Service & Support Center (CSSC) established in Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka 2017 Construction  Expansion of the SV model line-up with SV250(R), SV400(R), and SV500(R)
Nippon Pneumatic Kenki Co., Ltd. was merged and acquired by Nippon Pneumatic Kogyo (NPK)    Construction  Second expansion of the SRC series crusher with SRC15(R)
    Construction  Expansion of G-series with the G250EH pulverizer, featuring 220V electromagnet
    Construction  Release of low-noise models of PH-06~4, featuring enclosed brackets
    Chemical Launch of powder surface modifying system, using atmospheric pressure plasma
    Chemical Release of CNI-M4 Nano Range Separator