100 Years of History

"The purpose of a company in our society is not to earn profit, but to create value.

Creation of value is the goal and profit is a tool used to reach that goal."


These are the words of NPK's founder, Eimatsu Kotone.


NPK has taken these words to heart, making history as a manufacturer of products that create value.


In October of 2016, NPK celebrated its 100th anniversary. In 100 years, a company called Kotone Seisakusho transformed into the NPK we know today. 

Our Story

NPK’s history can be divided into four stages; the founding, challenge, growth, and expansion periods. 

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Our Timeline

The history of NPK spans over 100 years. Please take a look at the history of our company and our products.

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Our Founder

The founder of Kotone Seisakusho, now NPK, was Eimatsu Kotone. Born 1894, Eimatsu Kotone built and guided NPK until his death in 2001 at 106 years of age. 

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