Notice of Product Discontinuation

We, NPK Japan, would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support over the years.



The following pneumatic tools, which have been favored over the years, have been discontinued due to recent orders and equipment review. We thank you for your kind understanding.

Model Product Name
RG-55 Die Grinder (Rear Exhaust Type)
NW-4000   NW-4000P (6P) Impact Wrench (1" Sq.)
SD-4 Screwdriver Clutch Type
NAG-2  NAG-77HA Angle Grinder (7 in.)

Last Purchase Date: September 2017


Maintenance parts sales will cease 7 years (2024) from the product’s last purchase date.


In addition, maintenance part prices are subject to change without prior notice.



For more information on discontinued products, click here (Japanese).